Clean Break Online 24/7 Case Tracking

Clean Break UK is the only online Consent Order provider in the UK to permit you to track the status of your case on a 24/7/365 basis.

We at Clean Break UK perfectly understand that you have a busy schedule and may not be able to personally speak to our representatives on a daily basis. But we are very much aware to your need to be regularly updated with the progress of your case papers.

Unique Case Tracking Service

That is why we have invested in a specially created software package that allows our clients to log on to our website anytime, day or night. This will enable you to:

  • Track the latest developments of your Consent Order status
  • Subscribe to email and text alerts for any change in status
  • Download and print copies at home of all completed documents
  • Download and print copies of all letters, emails and other correspondence
  • Write real-time messages to our support staff and customer service representatives
  • Check your case log to follow the process of your order

Reassuring Feedback

Our online case management tracking facility has been very highly rated by all our clients who have found it to be an incredibly useful informational tool, accessible around-the-clock, every day until your case is resolved.

Preview of Our Case Management Tracker

There is no other online service provider in the country which provides this kind of online facility to its customers. This is a testament to the investment, effort and time we happily expend to make the entire Consent Order process easier and more comfortable for our clients.