About Clean Break Orders

Did you know that if you win the National Lottery, without a Clean Break agreement in place, your ex-partner is entitled to at least half of it! Even if you are already divorced, or you already have a separation agreement, you must still obtain a Clean Break Order to legally enforce the terms of the agreement.

The Clean Break Order (Consent Order) allows you to ensure that, following your divorce. Your ex-partner cannot go back to court to ask for more money or assets. The Clean Break Order is the only way that you can guarantee that any agreement you and your ex-partner may reach is enforceable by law and that no further claims can be made.

The Consent Order is filed after Decree Nisi has been pronounced by the court in divorce proceedings and is a final binding order on both parties. You are advised to purchase your Clean Break Order at the same time as, or soon after, you initiate your divorce proceedings to ensure there is no delay in obtaining the order from the court.

The procedure is very straightforward and does not involve either party attending court in most circumstances. The Order deals with property division or transfer, personal property, savings, shares, policies, spouse maintenance, child maintenance and pensions, including pension-sharing orders.

This online personal drafting service simply requires you to fill out the easy-to-follow online questionnaire and may involve some email interaction with our expert practitioners to ensure that the final order is acceptable for both you and the Court. It couldn't be easier.