Customer Satisfaction

One of the major reasons for our ongoing success is that unlike other online service providers, we actively encourage and eagerly look forward to continual customer feedback about our products and services. This feedback is what helps us improve our operations further and bring to our notice any areas that may need further fine-tuning to make them even better. We publish all customer comments on our website, whether good or bad!

Fanatical Customer Feedback

Every month, we email feedback forms to over 1,200 of our customers to gauge their mood and know their assessment of our service. Every form that is returned to us is read carefully, the responses are systematically compiled and analysed and the findings are published on our website.

We are totally focussed on improving customer satisfaction. Because of our various customer-friendly initiatives, we currently boast of a customer satisfaction rating of 98.3%, which is simply unmatched in the industry.

We Are Listening

A detailed evaluation of the regular customer feedback we receive has shown that our customers are extremely satisfied with the:

  • Quality and reliability of our service
  • Technical knowledge of our staff
  • Quality of documents and forms
  • Speed, efficiency and professional attitude
  • Ease of use of our procedures

Two-Way Communication

The “Contact Us” page on our website is available to all customers to send us their feedback for our immediate attention. This facility keeps us well-informed of the needs and wishes of our valued clients and helps us immensely in further improving our service and products. The feedback constantly measures our performance and keeps us on our toes.

No other online Consent Order service provider does so much to discover the wants and needs of their customers and responds to them so eagerly. This is one of our major strengths distinguishing us from our competitors.