Clean Break UK is the biggest and most popular provider of Consent Orders

Last year, we processed an incredible 13,268 Consent Orders, a feat unmatched by any other online provider in the entire country. In fact, this figure was more than the total orders of our top three competitors combined and accounted for over 9 percent of all Consent Orders issued in the country!

We are the obvious choice for getting a quick and hassle-free Consent Order because:

  • Our team of legal professionals is simply the largest and most experienced in the entire industry
  • We use a powerful, custom-made document-processing software to keep track of the status of all forms submitted to us by our clients
  • We operate out of a two-storey, state-of-the-art premises where all the employees work as a close-knit team. We guarantee excellent coordination between all departments through every stage of processing your paperwork.

Experience and Expertise

We use a team of independent solicitors, each an expert in family and divorce law with years of hands-on experience in actual court work. Unlike many other online providers run by paralegals, our teams are supervised by fully-qualified and trained legal professionals. Each and every form that we process is overseen and checked by a solicitor, thus ensuring that all documents we send are accurate and legally correct.

We successfully process thousands of Consent Orders every year. This has given our team members unmatched experience and insight. When you contact us you can rest assured that you are being served by one of the most knowledgeable professional in the industry. Who not only provides the exact information you are looking for but also expertly double checks every document before its release.

Fast, Efficient Service

But there is more. Clean Break UK is the fastest, most efficient provider of Consent Orders in the whole of the UK.

All our processes are highly automated, leveraging information technology in a super-efficient way. Our one-of-its-kind online document-processing software is extremely fast, reliable and efficient, enabling us to deliver documents up to three times faster than the industry standard.

None of our competitors can match this performance!

Clean Break UKs efficiency, speed, professionalism and customer-friendly policies have made us the most well-known and successful name in the industry.