ISO 90001:2000 Accreditation

Clean Break UK is the only online company processing Consent Orders to have ever been awarded the much-coveted ISO 9001 quality standard*.

This internationally recognised and honoured quality-management standard was awarded to Clean Break UK by auditors appointed by the Geneva-based International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

World Class Service

ISO 9001 Quality Assured

To be eligible for the accreditation, we had to demonstrate to the ISO representatives that:

  1. Clean Break UK meets strict customer quality requirements
  2. Follows all regulatory requirements
  3. Is committed to constantly improving customer satisfaction levels
  4. Is registering continuous improvement and progress in all the above areas

Industry-Leading Standards

We consider our gaining this highly admired award a formidable achievement because only approximately three percent of all British businesses have been successful in meeting the strict parameters to qualify for the ISO 9001:2000 Accreditation.

The award showcases to prospective customers our proven commitment toward quality, excellence and professionalism in all areas of operations and the importance we attach to meeting customers’ needs and expectations in terms of world-class service and efficiency.

* Clean Break UK is part of the Fields Group of companies.