Clean Break UK are prominent founder members of the National Association for the Providers of Online Divorces (NAPOD). NAPOD is the first-ever trade association and voluntary regulatory authority of the online divorce industry in the country.

NAPOD was established to function as a collective body that will represent and protect the interests of the industry and promote and strengthen a spirit of integrity and transparency among the industry’s organisations and improve overall performance standards.

NAPOD has many key aims, including:

  • To create a code of practice and professional behaviour and establish new benchmark service levels with a view to raising standards across the board in the industry
  • Lobby on behalf of the industry, and all stakeholders, with the government, regulators, consumer bodies and media
  • Provide useful services to all NAPOD members, particularly regarding information on relevant laws, policies and regulations
  • Act as a trade body for related online businesses, such as Consent Orders, Wills, Cohabitation and Separation Agreements
  • Have an accreditation system in place for its members whose logo will become a symbol of trustworthiness and credibility in the industry

The setting up of NAPOD was a major step forward, as earlier the online divorce industry lacked any kind of trade representation. This was hindering its growth in many ways and preventing it from speaking in a single, collective voice.

As more businesses emerge in the rapidly growing online divorce industry, and its allied fields, it is hoped that the new entrants will actively seek NAPOD membership so as to strengthen the association further as the sector’s premier representative trade body.