Peace of Mind

Clean Break UK is supervised by experienced solicitors, not paralegals.

At Clean Break UK, we realise that you expect nothing but the very best from us. That is why we do not assign your precious paperwork to mere paralegals or “trained legal assistants”; as we believe that they are a poor substitute for a solicitorís education, experience and practical insight into legal affairs. That is why Clean Break UK uses an independent panel of highly qualified solicitors which oversees the entire legal process and checks every form and petition on your behalf.

No other online Consent Order provider offers this kind of professionally qualified service because nobody else goes to such lengths to protect the rights of their customers and ensure world-class legal guidance and assistance regarding their Consent Orders. We try our best to offer phenomenal value to our clients for their money.

Meet our Team of Solicitors

Clive Rees

Clive Rees, LLB

A long-time Law Society member, Clive Rees is a partner in the law firm Rees Davies & Partners, Solicitors of Swansea. He has been practising law for over 25 years and has Rights of Audience in the Higher Courts of the UK. Few solicitors can match his knowledge and experience in all aspects of Family Law, particularly areas such as divorce, ancillary relief, contact and residence, parental responsibility agreements, separation, cohabitation, Will drafting and so on.

Our Team of Legal Experts

Aiswarya Priya

Aiswarya Kamalasanan, LLB

Aiswarya hails from the southern Indian state of Kerala from where she acquired her BL/LLB Law (Hons) degree. She has been a practising advocate for over five years with experience in litigation and drafting legal documentation. She is well on her way to acquiring a Masters in Law (MBL). Aiswarya has led numberous important cases and representing her clients in the High Court, Civil Courts, Criminal Courts and Labour Court. She has routinely prepared many case papers for Citations of various kinds of legal proceedings such as Appeals, Plaints, Written Statements, Rejoinders, Affidavits and Written Arguments.


Satish Katihalli, LLB

Satish is from the high-tech Indian city of Bangalore and studied BL/LLB Law (Hons) at the reputed University of Mysore. Working as an advocate and legal practitioner, he has accumulated over three years of practical experience in court work. Satish specialises in Family Law, particularly issues such as divorce, ancillary relief, contact and residence and agreements related to parental responsibility, separation and cohabitation.

Rajkumari Jacob

V. Rajkumari Jacob, LLB BA PGDHRM

Hailing from Chennai, India, Rajkumari is very well qualified with degrees in Law, the Arts and Human Resource Management, all from Pondicherry University. She has eight years of practical bar experience in Family Law as well as civil and criminal cases. Our team gains tremendously from her maturity and experience. Fortunately for us, she has decided to specialise in Family Law and personally checks many of our Clean Break petitions.