It is easy for anyone to launch a flashy website today and start vending goods and services by making pompous but unsubstantiated claims of quality. Many customers are impressed by the front-end but what is actually more important is the backend. What lies behind the website? Who are the faceless people running the business? Is the “office” located in a rented backroom in a local authority house? On the Internet it is really difficult to distinguish between a fly-by-night operator and a serious, bona fide business.

No ‘Back Bedroom’ Business

If you search on Google with the keywords “Consent Order”, at least two businesses listed on the first page are of the “rented backroom” variety, but for you there is absolutely no way of knowing which ones they are since they have well-designed websites. (The websites perhaps represent the only investment these businesses have ever made in their operations.)

Industry-Leading Facilities

Clean Break UK's prospective customers can rest assured that they are dealing with a proper bricks-and-mortar business that operates out of a large, modern two-floor building. We are the owners of our office premises and have taken care to equip it with the latest telecommunication and information technology infrastructure. None of our competitors can match Clean Break UK in either the size or quality of our business premises or the investments we have made in fitting it with state-of-the-art systems and hardware.

Find Us Here

Our business is run the conventional way with the old-world values still intact. Stability and reliability are our core strengths. With us, it is easy to spot the real thing!