Currently, 99.7% of our customers say they are 'Very Satisfied' with our service.

"Thanks your service is excellent"
Sara Farzaneh, London - March 2008

"I found the whole process very easy to follow, and it has proved to be much cheaper than using a solicitor."
Mrs Lynn Mollart, Stoke-on-Trent - February 2008

"The online clean break is much simpler than going to a high street solicitor. and all the assistance I required was only a phone call away. "
David G Wheatley, Luton - February 2008

"Easy to use, however unclearly stated prior to sign up and payment what happens next. Seems to be just a template the filing to the court is done by yourself for an additional 40 pounds."
Cheri Martin, Nottingham - February 2008

"Very easy to use and the people on the phone are very friendly and helpful. "
Malcolm Black, Harrow, Middlesex - February 2008

"I have found that the service offered is easy to use and has saved me time and so cost. The imformation i supply is checked very quickly and any extra information required can also be supplied very quickly. i am only part way procedings but so far i am more than happy with this service."
Ian Service, Swindon - February 2008

"Forms were easy to use and fill in. The support personnel are excellent. I couldn't have asked for a more organised, more swift service. Thank you, Clean Break."
Peter Graham - February 2008

"Excellent Service"
John Willan, Cambridge - January 2008

"I would like to say how easy and helpful i have found everyone i have had to contact. It takes away the anxiousness."
Stephanie Chase, Leicester - January 2008

"Using Clean Break was very easy and telephone support was very good. "
Mukesh Patel, Llford, Essex - January 2008

"Both the Clean Break & the Divorce process has been very easy & COMPLETELY stress fee. Thank you!!!"
Melanie Newman, Swindon - December 2007

"Telephone enquiries were dealt with quickly and efficiently."
J.Tate, Sunderland - December 2007

"Easy to understand and put into practice."
Umer Hashmi, Hemel Hempstead - December 2007

"Straight-forward, value for money and easy. Just as it should be."
Damian Blakemore, Ipswich - December 2007

"The consultants were very helpful and effecient in replying to queries"
Kenneth Williams, Guldford, Surrey - November 2007

"Fine efficient service"
Alan Magee, Guldford, Surrey - November 2007

"I have found this quite straight forward, with the piece of mind that a solicitor can answer any questions that arise. I would have felt out of my depths on my own as not use to legel terminology"
Jennifer Gurr, Medway - October 2007

Mr Junior Anthony Scott, Swansea - October 2007

"This was the easiest part of a relatively simply process"
Adam Davies, Milton Keynes - October 2007

"We wanted to have an equitable divorce that was quick and effiicient and only Clean Break offered that at an unbeatable price."
Stephen Elliott, Tonbridge, Kent - September 2007

"A user friendly system."
Mrs Christine Champion, Bromley - September 2007

"Excellent service. Thank you"
Harry Brookes, Leicester - September 2007

"Very good and fantastic value for money."
Mick Squires., Wakefield, W.Yorkshire - August 2007

"We found you have saved us a lot money, and time . Thank you very much Ali and Sam ."
A Foroozandeh, Portsmouth - August 2007

"Very user friendly interface...just the way we like it."
Ajay, Llford, Essex - August 2007

"Things seem to be going ahead quite easily so far."
Nicholas Jones, Llandudno, Gwynedd - August 2007

Lindsey Palmer, Romford - August 2007

"Very simple and easy to use website with a good quick response"
Angela Margaret Howlett, Cleveland - August 2007

"Quite simple and easy to use. Very self explanatory."
Oniel Lloyd Forbes, London - August 2007

"I found tis service useful and helped to avoid the difficulties of involving third party influences in what is already a difficult and emotional time"
Caroline J Bartley, Chester - June 2007

"Highly recommended"
Anthony Feben Smith, Blackburn - May 2007

"Just like the quickie-divorse website, I found this clean-break website was also very simple to use. Many thanks for making a difficult time more manageable."
Mark Uden, London - May 2007

"Extremely easy to use and quick. All questions clear and concise. A pleasure to use."
Terence Child, Nottingham - May 2007

"An excelent service which is so quick and easy to use, a must for all DIY divorces."
Alan Sidney Newell, London - May 2007

"I think this should be advertised more for divorced couples to ensure amicle setttlements are reached as solicitors do from experience cause much un nessessary heartache between couple who could stay friends and move on a lot quicker."
Jacqueline Walton, Norwich - May 2007

"Good easy to use service lots of help "
Philip Hughes, Oldham - February 2007

"A simple, but hopefully effective, way to stop either party from claiming assets from each other after a partnership has finished. Much lower cost and quicker than a Solicitor."
Keith Jones, Chelmsford - February 2007

"The site has put my mind at ease knowing that they will have facilitated my clean break order with the minimum of fuss!!!"
Lee S. Brown, Nottingham - February 2007

"Very easy to use forms. Also the support and explanations were excellent"
Andrew Coates, Truro, Cornwall - February 2007

"Not being very computer literate I was impressed and thankful for the help I received whenever I had any problems. At a stressful time like this I was guided through the process and was surprised at how quickly things were finalised. Many thanks for everything."
James Patrick Drumgoole, Shrewsbury - January 2007

"Very quick and easy... thankyou."
John Toogood, Southampton - January 2007

"An easy to use service with help and advice available when needed."
Doug Mullin, Chester - December 2006

Tina Jane Carney, Taunton, Somerset - November 2006

"I have been very pleased with the responsive service provided to assist me in dealing with what for me was a stressful matter, and particularly for simplifying and de-mystifying the process."
John Woodall, Hereford - November 2006

"A quick, easy, cost effective solution."
Jeremy Dean, Reading - October 2006

"Thank you for providing this service online. It has meant we can review the details of the Consent Order at any time and agree items between us without having to wait for solicitors to communicate on our behalf. Your telephone support was really helpful, as were the guides you provided. Excellent value for money, thank you."
Terri Ward, Dorchester, Dorset - October 2006

"It is a very convenient form of making documentation to be processed- through the website"
Victoria Y. Pearce, Plymouth - June 2006

"I found this web site to be the best site, having tried a few unsuccesffully"
John Cardona, Halifax, Western Isles - May 2006

"If its as easy as it looks its the best assistance to divorce yet."
Gaynor Saunders - May 2006

"Very quick & easy to use - clear instructions, user friendly."
Tracey Jardine, Redhill - April 2006

"I was very doubtful about using this service over the Internet as I did not know if Managed Divorce was a legitimate company, I am so pleased I decided to go down this road as they have completed my divorce in less than 4 months and I have had no hassle whatsoever, I will recommend this service to anyone with no hessitation whatsoever."
Kevin Gibson, Carlisle - December 2005

"I found the site very easy to use and follow."
Robin Sainty, Norfolk - November 2005

"Very efficient, easy to use. Overall, excellent quality of customer service at what is a painful period in life."
Mrs Kc Matthews, Norwich - November 2005

"The service so far has been excellent. Our solicitors wouldn't agree to what we wanted and after spending a fortune each, this way was so simple and cost effective. i wish I'd found the site earlier. Thoroughly recommended"
Tamzyn Boughtwood, Swansea - September 2005

"After my divorce I thought, Why should I have to share my future earnings? Id rather pay 87 to ensure that whats mine stays mine. And, by doing it online, I reckon I saved about 600!"
Ms J Lloyd, Freelance Artist - September 2005

"Straightforward and easy to use website. Has taken a weight off my mind."
David Paul Hull, Redhill - September 2005

"Excellent service, very fast."
Dean Kimber, Portsmouth - September 2005

"Very easy to use thanks"
Malcolm Thomas, Harrogate, North Yorkshire - September 2005

"Just to say have found the format very userfreindly and woul recomend you to friends"
Alan Butler, Peterborough - August 2005

"I've been very pleased at how helpful your staff have been, with both my divorce and clean-break application."
Jeffrey Makin, Harrow, Middlesex - July 2005

"When I got divorced I knew I had to get a Consent Order to stop my ex-partner getting any more money off me in the future. I'd used quickie-divorce.com for my divorce so I felt confident using the Internet for a clean break service."
John Hillier, Offshore Investment Advisor - July 2005

"Very easy to use, only took 5 minutes of my time to complete."
Trevor Parsons, Tonbridge, Kent - July 2005

"I found the site very easy to use and follow"
Robin Sainty, Peterborough - May 2005

"I am impressed as to how simple the form filling has been, no need to pay excessive high street solicitors charges."
Henry William Gordon Hargreaves, Blackpool - April 2005

"Yes, will be happy to once the process is completed."
Jon Kennedy, Bromley - April 2005

"I was very pleased with the clean-break.co.uk service. After 3 months I was divorced and my consent order was in effect. I'm glad I used your services."
Ms D K, Administator - March 2005

"Thank you for your help. I looked at other divorce websites but none of them offered a quick solution without the need for lengthy and expensive 'discussions' with solicitors."
Mr M R Baker, Freelance Writer - February 2005

"Yes thank you, Ive received my completed divorce petition and now the consent order as well. Brilliant service!"
K Lewis, Health Administrator, Cardiff - December 2004

"Just a quick note to say thanks for helping me with my clean break agreement."
Ian White, Accountant, London - November 2004

"Yes, everything is fine thank you; your clean break solution was excellent."
Mr M Clements, Sales Director - October 2004

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